• Explore art on an eight-mile loop around the city
  • Pedal from one piece of public art to the next
  • Stop and smell the roses at an innovative scent vault

Several European cities are taking inspiration from Indy’s Cultural Trail, a pedestrian path that forms an eight-mile loop through downtown, connecting every major landmark and neighborhood. The well-marked trail runs right past the Conrad’s front door, so why not hop on a complimentary cruiser bike and get the lay of the land? Snag a map from the concierge before you go and head east to see notable large-scale pieces of public art including Swarm Street on Virginia Avenue, by New York provocateur Vito Acconci that simulates blinking fireflies; Prairie Modules on North Street, large white gates with solar panels that power colored lights in the evening; and the Glick Peace Walk on Walnut Street, a series of etched-glass panels honoring American pioneers. Unlike most urban trails, which lead away from a city center, Indy’s model seamlessly integrates the natural trail with its urban surroundings. Don’t miss the alley at the corner of Park and Massachusetts Avenue and smell the English rose scent being mysteriously pumped into the atmosphere.

Whether you use a hotel bike or rent a Pacers Bikeshare, head east on the trail along Washington Street and follow the trail north at Alabama Street.

​​INDIANAPOLIS CULTURAL TRAIL: 317-653-1948​​; indyculturaltrail.com

​​PACERS BIKESHARE: station at 2 W. Washington St.; 317-653-1947; pacersbikeshare.com