• Reserve a table at a landmark turn-of-the-century steakhouse
  • Take a fiery bite of a signature dish — if you dare
  • Sip classic cocktails in a Prohibition era-inspired bar

Follow the stream of power suits and clicking heels to a corner brownstone with the neon sign marking the St. Elmo Steak House. For over a century, this has remained the spot where locals come to pop corks or clink tumblers (former Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning even had a private code to slip in and out the back door). Request our favorite high-top table in the bar (T7); it’s perfectly located to keep a surreptitious eye on the action. Order a table-tipping porterhouse and ask Dave Poore (“DP” to regulars), St. Elmo’s sommelier for 14 years, about a wine pairing from the city’s largest cellar. And what’s the fuss over a shrimp appetizer claiming to be the world’s spiciest food? It’s no gimmick and it’s a must try. This quartet of prawns is smothered in a cocktail sauce doctored with a lethal sinus-clearing dollop of horseradish. After dinner, take the off-limits-looking stairway tucked just inside the restaurant’s entrance to the 1933 Lounge upstairs. Slide into a leather club chair and ask for the private-selection bourbons. These small-batch beauties are from barrels individually chosen by the St. Elmo’s team on trips to Kentucky distilleries.

Head two blocks south of the Conrad Indianapolis to Illinois Street just beyond Maryland Street.

​​ST. ELMO STEAK HOUSE: 127 S. Illinois St.; 317-635-0636;