• Discover the best of the Midwest’s handicrafts in one stretch
  • Pick up one-of-a-kind finds from leather bags to vintage fabrics

The 800-block of Massachusetts Avenue is proof that the modern handmade movement has ventured well beyond finger puppets and crocheted tissue box covers. For the widest variety, head to Homespun, which showcases contemporary Midwestern creations for the design-obsessed. For local flavor, look for Wilks & Wilson cocktail elixirs or ReFind Originals upcycled-leather bags. Pattern Workshop is the headquarters for the eponymous magazine sold internationally. Quilting studio Crimson Tate is a not-your-granny’s shop with its selection of vintage patterns and mod fabrics. Indy Reads Books is one of those rare independent bookstore wonderlands (think: Powell’s in Portland or Strand in New York City), and a must-see just for the counter constructed entirely out of stacked hardbacks. Buy a book and the proceeds support local literacy programs.

The 800 block of Mass Ave is located at the northeast end, between St. Clair and 10th streets, about a 25-minute walk or 10-minute drive from the hotel.

​HOMESPUN: 869 Massachusetts Ave.; 317-351-0280;; open daily, hours vary

PATTERN WORKSHOP: 877 Massachusetts Ave.;; open irregular hours

​​​​CRIMSON TATE: 845 Massachusetts Ave.; 317-426-3300;; open daily, hours vary

​​​​INDY READS BOOKS: 911 Massachusetts Ave.; 317-384-1496;