• Visit the mini-but-mighty memorial to a hometown author
  • See priceless literary artifacts on display
  • Shop for oddball Indy souvenirs (St. Kurt candle, anyone?)

Literary aspirations? Channel the satirical wit of Indianapolis-born author Kurt Vonnegut when you take a seat behind a replica of his typewriter and peck out a Tweet connected to the @KurtsTypewriter feed. The Slaughterhouse-Five author would have been amused by this technological mash-up at the mini-but-mighty Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, a paperback’s throw from the Conrad. View curiosities on loan from his family including his actual Smith Corona typewriter, doodles of Kilgore Trout, and a pack of cigarettes he lost in the 1970s. Vonnegut may have left his hometown to establish his literary career, but he never shed his roots. Locals love to toss around this humble quote, “What people like about me is Indianapolis.” Suffering writer’s block for your Tweet? There’s always the old Vonnegut standby: “So it goes.”

The museum is four blocks from the hotel at the corner of Senate Avenue and Vermont Streets. Take the scenic route by strolling west along Washington Street past the Indiana Repertory Theatre and the Indiana State House.

​​​​KURT VONNEGUT MEMORIAL LIBRARY: 340 N. Senate Ave.; 317-652-1954;; closed Wednesdays, free admission